It Could Have Been Me

Our family has had our share of struggles, hardships and challenges this year, but through it all God is sovereign and good! Yesterday my department had an officer involved shooting incident. Thank God the officer was not injured. This is an officer’s worst nightmare. You know it could happen any day at any moment, but you hope it never does. Even if you do everything perfectly according to the law and your training, you are still subject to the reaction and second guessing of other officers, the public, the media, the victim’s family, and possibly civil or criminals courts. Not to mention the short and long-term psychological effects on you, your family and those around you. It could have been me. In His infinite wisdom, God decided I shouldn’t go to work yesterday.

I was scheduled to return to work for that shift after being off for two days. I was in a meeting at the church when I received a text from my wife saying that she was going to the emergency room. (She is home now and is fine!) I took my son home and found out that she was going to be admitted. (We did go over to see her.) I knew she was stable and they just wanted to do some tests to make sure everything was alright. Normally, under these circumstances, I would have called my mother or mother-in-law and had one of them stay with the kids.  I would have gone into work. It is extremely rare that neither of them are available to babysit. On this night, however, my mother was in Virginia Beach and my mother-in-law was in Atlantic City. I was stuck and had to stay home with the kids. I later found out that several times my wife thought about just going home, but then she would feel worse and feel like she should go get checked out. Wow wow wow!

Thank you God , for protecting me and my family in countless ways that I am totally clueless about, and thank you for making me aware of it once in a while!


2 Responses to “It Could Have Been Me”

  1. Share Says:

    praise God Darin! it is just so cool when God does thingz like this and then He lets u in on what He was doing the whole time as part of His plan. I pray yer wife is doing well now

  2. CindyK Says:

    Thanks be to Jesus. He is so good.

    I’ve been praying like crazy for that officer and his family and the entire force. I pray peace for him. And I hope he knows that as awful as it is, he did the right thing. I wish I could thank him personally. Someone running around with gun shooting at people in my neighborhood scares me to death. I know he didn’t want what happened, but God chose him too, for whatever reason. So I pray for him and for everyone involved.

    Bless you and yours Darin! And thank you for what you do. I feel safer knowing that you and others like you are out there taking care of us.

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